As I walk

Into the sea

Never quite who

I wanted to be

I know that faith,

Hope and charity

All just proved

Too much for me

This Coastal Town

I love living here

Next to the sea

On my cosy little croft

But the seagull noise

When I’m trying to sleep?

That can fuck right off

The Siren

I hear her calling my name,
Luring me to the murky depths.

Her song, beckons me.
Her promise, tantalises me.

I am compelled to listen.
I am urged to respond.

But she is all the way out at sea,
And I never learned to swim.

(Originally Posted 23.04.2019)


This is why

I’m still alive

To be here

In moments like this

When all the pieces

Fit together

For these few seconds of bliss



This room

that view

for just

us two

The sea

the sky

the clouds

up above

So tranquil

and serene

this place

we love

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