#24 The Writer

Full of bleeding heart

That’s me

Slowly dying

For all to see

Hoping for words

To set the world alight

As I scribble away

In the dead of night

#21 The Peddler

Drink this magic potion, dear

In its benefits place your trust

For come midday tomorrow

When your life’s still a shit show

You won’t see me for dust

#17 The Therapist

Come sit in the comfy chair

And I’ll tell you why you’re ill

We’ve got all night

To spend speaking shite

When your insurance is footing the bill

#16 The Friend

Today is going to be hard,

I know,

But that is why I’m here.

To eat, drink and smoke

With you

And wipe away your tears.


#14 The Ballerina

You sit and admire my beauty

As you gently applaud my grace

Yet my feet are bleeding

And I’m not eating

All for that smile on your face

#13 The Killer

Let’s have a game

Of hide and seek

I’ll play fair

I won’t peek

It’s the thrill

Of the hunt

That does it

For me

Your actual death

I could take or leave

#11 The Footballer

You throw your cups and your insults

Because of the colour of my skin

I’ll just keep scoring goals

And celebrating with a grin

#9 The Nurse

It was she

Who stopped my hands from shaking


Who stopped my head from aching


Who stopped my voice from quaking

So why can’t she stop

My heart from breaking?

#8 The Optimist

This is

A message

From your favourite


To say all

Is well with me

Here’s hoping

It lasts

That those days

Have passed

And I don’t drive

Into a tree

#7 The Banshee

After all the wailing

And gnashing of teeth

There’s no point in being violent

From now on

With my spirit long gone

All my screams will be silent

#6 The Egoist

You say living is easy

She said

But that’s simply not true

You’ve clearly never suffered

She said

Or had bad things happen to you

You think you’ve had it tough

He said

And everyone else is irrelevant

Well, we all have our issues

He said

You’re not that fucking different

#5 The Preacher

Soon our saviour will return

To wash my sins away

So until that time

My only crime

Will be to sit around and pray

#4 The Bigamist

I’ll love you forever and ever

Until we’re both cold and blue

Just don’t worry

Your pretty little head

With who else I’ve said this to

#3 The Victim

If only you’d seen

What these eyes have seen

Perhaps then

You could understand

If it was you crying

As he lay dying

You’d know why I made

That demand

#2 The Thief

I really couldn’t give a fuck

If you say it’s yours or not

I will take whatever I want

And leave you here to rot

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