That Day

I’m scared
of what
that day
will bring,

As I
know it’s

Even if
it’s the
start of
my future,

There’s no
way of
my past.


I am amazed, yet again, that I’ve found the courage to get out of bed.

You have no idea how hard it is.

This sustained internal struggle.

The conscious effort required to motivate myself to move.

The strength of belief needed to convince my anxious brain that we can get through the day unscathed.

It’s exhausting.

If only I could return to the naivety of the past.

Travel back to a time when sadness was mere affectation.

Where melancholy was a comforting friend.

And death wasn’t such a viable option.

I Love You

If I met you again,
For the first time,
I wouldn’t change a thing.

I’d do it all again,
Exactly the same,
Taking you under my wing.

But I should have,
if I could have,
told you that
I loved you

Perhaps then
my life now
wouldn’t be
so difficult
to endure.

The Past

Some days
it’s easy
to remember

Some days
it’s hard
to forget

Some days
I don’t want
to remember

Some days
I never want
to forget

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