Writer’s Block

I try to write but the words fail.

Sit, think, smoke, exhale.

As I reach for the coffee cup,

I wonder if my time is up.

Have I forgotten you,

Is that what this is?

The reason I can no longer write this shit?

Or could it be this depression is finally lifting?

Maybe the all encompassing darkness is shifting?

Perhaps after all this time my heart is mended.

And my love affair with words has ended.

(Originally Posted 11.08.2019)

28 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

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    1. It’s certainly been an interesting trip down memory lane this last month, that’s for sure.

      I’ve come across a lot of poems I don’t remember writing and a lot I remember writing as if it were yesterday. I don’t think I realised just how dissociated I was back then. I’m glad the worst of that is over and, at least in part, the depression continues to lift.

      Words wise I guess we’ll have to see what year three on WordPress brings – starting tomorrow. I’m not making any many promises… πŸ˜‰πŸ–€

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