Forty Two

As cold as the sun,
As warm as the snow.

As loud as the silence,
As high as the low.

This could be
the meaning of life,

For all I fucking know.

12 thoughts on “Forty Two

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  1. There’s a lot to like here: the opposites, the rhyme and meter (until the couplet and last line shake it up, which Adams probably would have appreciated), the question posed towards the end and the title as its answer. You’re quite the genre bender!

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    1. Haha, thank you! 👍

      I quite like that term – genre bender! It’s got a certain ring to it! 😁

      I love how you always manage to find technique in my ramblings – this one genuinely was me just playing around.

      I’ve had it on the backburner for ages, but I was too scared to post it in case folk thought I’d pushed the nonsense barrier too far! 😉🖤

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    1. Glad you liked it my mousey friend!
      I was honestly just messing about with this one. I’d written the first few lines and then had nowhere else to go with it so just shoved in any old nonsense.

      Just shows you – it’s sometimes the ones you write by accident that people like most!! 😜🖤

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      1. I really do 😉

        Completely agree. Sometimes I write something that I despise, I post it just to be done with it and its well recieved.
        Yet something I painstakingly create, gets 3 views and 1 like.

        An audience is a ever altering beast. 💚

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